Our Mission

At Reciprocare, we are on a mission to transform caregiver recruitment and hiring! It can take a long time for home care agencies and other providers to find and hire the right caregivers at the right time to match the specific needs of clients. Given the escalating demand for eldercare as the Baby Boomer generation ages, finding the right caregiver fast is crucial.

ReciproCare expands both the capacity of the long-term care industry to serve elderly & disabled individuals and access to employment for its caregiver workforce. We will increase the proportion of caregivers who are fully employed so that home care agencies and other long-term care employers have more the workforce that they need to grow their businesses.

Our Story

Dr. Charlene Brown, a Harvard MD, knows first-hand the importance of in-home care in preventing adverse outcomes for seniors and disabled persons.

Dr. Brown has been around caregivers all her life. Her mother worked as a geriatric nurse, while other family members and family friends worked as nurses, CNAs and companions. Inspired by her family’s commitment to caring, Dr. Brown ultimately chose to pursue medicine. As a public health expert, she recognized the mismatch between the rising care needs of aging Americans and the underemployment of the paid caregivers in her family. Solving this inefficiency became her life’s work as she quit her job at USAID to found Reciprocare.

Through Reciprocare, Dr. Brown strives to build bridges between home care agencies and caregivers to support the growth of the long-term care industry.

Our Team
Charlene Brown MD, MPH
CEO & Founder

Dr. Charlene Brown is a graduate of Princeton University, Harvard Medical School & Harvard School of Public Health. She is a Board-certified physician with more than a decade of experience in the medical specialty of public health & general preventive medicine.

Dr. Brown has also been selected as a recipient of a 2016 Halcyon Incubator Fellowship and a 2017 WeWork Creator Award in the Incubate Category and a Global Good Fund Diana Davis Spencer Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs. Dr. Brown is also the winner of the Technoir Innovator’s Classic Pitch Competition and the Aging 2.0 Global Startup Search Pitch Competition in 2016.

Rachel Fuller, JD
Chief Growth Officer

As an experienced entrepreneur in the aging technology space, Rachel brings her successful business growth hacking skills to ReciproCare. Rachel is the CEO & Co-Founder of Feather, a venture-backed online platform to help families find independent caregivers in their local areas. Feather has been recognized as Tech.co’s Top 50 startups of 2016 and was a finalist in the Louisiana Startup Prize. Rachel also had the distinct honor of being part of the StartCo Accelerator, which is part of the Global Accelerator Network.

Rachel is a graduate of the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law where she studied Elder Law.

Riana Shah
Chief Business Development Officer

Riana brings serial entrepreneurship and healthcare technology and consulting experience to Reciprocare. She has served as a Consultant and Senior Business Analyst for the Advisory Board Company, a healthcare and higher education research and technology company.

Riana is also the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at The Capital Labs, an innovation fund for international entrepreneurs, and the Founder and CEO of Independent Thought and Social Action International (ITSA), a technology venture that encourages youth entrepreneurship. She holds a B.A. in Sociology, Anthropology, and Educational Studies from Swarthmore College.

Cordis M. Stanfield
Chief Technology Officer

Cordis is the founder and Principal of Brickroad LLC, a mobile and web development firm specializing in technology for startups. At Brickroad, Cordis is a Senior Ruby on Rails developer and a business strategy-focused project manager with experience building web and mobile applications for startups, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Prior to forming Brickroad, Cordis co-founded Wildfyre, a collective of entrepreneurs, engineers, and investors where he served as a financial engineer, backend developer, and lead consultant for early-stage companies. He received a B.B.A in Finance and graduated with honors from Howard University.

Alex Cohen
Interim Chief Product Officer

Alex Cohen is the interim Chief Product Officer of Reciprocare and a product management expert. Before Reciprocare, Alex was a change management consultant working with US Government clients and held sales and product-oriented roles in advertising technology startups and enterprises like AOL. He founded The Better Product Company to help startup founders and small teams implement Lean Startup, Agile development, and user-centered design practices. He has a degree from Boston College.

Augustina A. Fynn
Caregiver Specialist

Augustina is a caregiver who has a passion to use information technology to help people. She studies Information Systems at Montgomery College by day, and works with Family and Nursing at night. She also provides her expertise as a Caregiver Specialist to ReciproCare. She is originally from Ghana but has lived in the United States for 5 years. She aims to become a Systems Analyst and work her way up to an Information Systems Manager. If you don't find her at home or work, she's at the Library or visiting a place of attraction. She also loves her family and loves to knit.

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